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Professional Spokespeople

Use Professional Spokespeople

Video Spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson, Website Spokesperson, Spokes model. No matter what you call it, We have the BEST in the business.

We pride ourselves on our high QUALITY and successful spokespeople. Our videos are all shot and built here at our headquarters to maintain quality and precision. We do not outsource our filming to any other studios.
It is all filmed HERE!

Web Video


Web Video is emerging as a powerful platform to deliver an impactful, interactive and highly targeted message

Getting your website Ranked with your keywords in the long term is not just about building a large number of links. It’s also about creating high-quality content that will attract links naturally over time. One type of content that is still underutilized is online video. When used correctly, video is extremely powerful content form and will make a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy.


Brand Your Company

Branding is very important for any business, large or small. It is important to have an effective strategy so you can have a step up in your market.

Video can provide a review of your product or service and highlight the space in the market it occupies. Using Web Video can create trust and clearly show who your company is. A great video can show the characteristics that make up your brand and differentiate you from your competitors and provide a clear image of what your business does.

Right for You

Choose the Right Video for You

We have different kinds of videos to meet each company's needs

If you need to show people around your site we recommend a Custom Video Presentation. Do you want a spokesperson to greet visitors to your site? We can do that. We can do Whiteboard, Animation or Explainer videos to help you explain your product or service.

Website Spokespeople
Virtual Spokespeople

Website spokespeople are different from the videos you see in a box that you see in most websites. A website spokesperson is a border-less video of a person that speaks to the website visitor. This style of videos has a transparent background. This makes it seem as if the person talking popped out of the website and is standing in front of the page.

Professional Spokespeople
Professional Spokesperson

Our spokespeople are experienced professionals. They have a wide-range of backgrounds and training. This includes spokes-modeling, broadcast journalism, tv presenting, and acting. Our spokespeople will use their talent and experience to promote your website.

Add to Any Site
Talking Heads Video Demonstration

If you can upload files to your website, you can easily place a website spokesperson on your website. You do not have to write a single line of code, we will provide the code for you. If you can't upload your files. We can host your video for you.

Virtual Live Actor

Why Video?

Web Marketers are utilizing video as an interaction tool. Almost every business or site owner has a great need to use video on their website. Add worth to your site with video and boost the total experience for your visitors.

As soon as thought about something that just the pros did or something that wasn't part of the mainstream however that's all altered, videos were. Video has actually progressed into the fastest growing content online. Video is ending up being the requirement. Due to the fact that you do not feel it is suitable for your website or audience, perhaps you are hesitant to go into the online video market. Absolutely nothing could be even more from the reality.

Almost every business or site owner has an excellent need to use video on their website. instead of a obvious sales video, why not produce a video that shows how to utilize your item, or perhaps a method not to utilize your item, or an unconventional technique or usage of your item.

A video does not always need to hard sell. A video can include worth to your site which improves the general experience for your visitors. An example would be a video that interviews a client that's utilized your item (reviews). Consumer reviews ready whether your selling service or products. A video review is a lot more effective than a composed review.

Make sure you do your research as soon as you've decided it is time to include video to your website. Consider the best video content for your website. Think of exactly what design of video your visitors would anticipate to see from your item or service.Be sure to position your video in the ideal context and setting.

The setting for your video is as crucial as the service or product you're promoting. Specify the function your video will play in your internet marketing method.

Where to Upload Your Video

Any of the web's significant video sharing websites will let you submit a video when it comes time for individuals to see your video. YouTube, take the code and embed your video content on websites like Digg.com, Stumbleupon, Twitter, and Facebook. These websites are all incorporated with video.

When you think of it, it's simpler to obtain huge direct exposure on websites like these through a video than a routine article since individuals are most likely to see a fascinating video than check out a post.

Social media and online videos are substantial and reveal no indications of decreasing and integrating the two platforms has the prospective to transform how we engage with each other.

The wise online marketer is ending up being more acquainted with video as an interaction tool. Videos count as content which content can be shared, talked about, tagged and ranked. It's no various than other piece of content.

If you have not considered the concept of including video content to your total internet marketing method then you're losing out on a world of chance that is now and will in the future control the web.


You may wonder, "Why Video?". It is the ease of use and ROI that may stand out for you. Once you decide include video to your website, make sure you do your research. Get the best video content for your website. When it comes time for individuals to see your video, any of the web's significant video sharing websites will let you submit a video. Once you have uploaded your video you just take the code and embed your video content on websites like Digg.com, Stumbleupon, Twitter, and Facebook.

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